Photo Quote


Around 20 days ago, when I felt sad and unsure in this new city (well, not exactly new to me, but it was new condition) and unsure whether I am able to work the long distance relationship I have, I told my bestfriend Danz about that. She suggested a photo sharing with my boyfriend. One photo a day. After 2 days taking photo, I felt bored and decided to pair old photos I took with quotes. At first I only shared the photoquote with him, but then I started sharing it in my instagram account.


Now, it’s like a habit. Every morning I would find a quote, choose a photo, pair them up and send it to my boyfriend and share it in my instagram. It feels good as those quotes I’ve chosen were actually self reminder for me, too.


If you have instagram account, you can look those photos in my profile šŸ˜‰


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