Love your body, Ladies

“I wish I could be slimmer.”
“I want my skin to be more fair, like that actress.”
“You know what, that skin whitening product really works. Just look at my skin! I’ve been only wearing it for few weeks.”
“Oh God, I am so fat! Look at these fat on my hips. And my cheeks, I am chubby! I look like a pig.”


How many times have you hear those phrases? How do you feel when you hear those phrases either said by your friend, or by a woman sitting next to you at place you hang out?

More important question, how many times have you said that?

Society wants to see woman who has slim body, fair skin, long hair, big eyes, full lips, long legs, and I don’t know what other stupid standards society has made up. But what society makes that? Male societies? Western societies? Eastern societies? Or the worst nightmare, female societies? Who would care so much about woman’s appearance rather than her contribution to this world?

Apparently, there still is a criteria for woman’s appearance even though we live in a new century, new millennium no less! Why do we have to put up with those ridiculous standards, which wouldn’t make us get more happiness. Instead everyday, we are busy worrying about our weight, our skin color, our clothes. When we believe that boys will notice your presence more if you have a more fair skin tone, we are getting fooled by skin whitening advertisements from pharmaceutical/cosmetic industries. When we are trying to meet the so-called standard, we’re just proving that we cannot think for ourselves. We can’t even decide what’s good for our body. We are making a decision based on what the standard expects us to be.

Make the choice, make the decision based on very careful consideration. Your cholesterol level is too high? You can’t even do simple chores because you get tired easily? It’s time to lower your weight and modify your diet. Look for the most rational dietary suggestion, not the one where you eat only once a day. You are aware of the harmfulness of UV exposure? Wear sunscreen or sunblock. You have a medical condition and is advised to have plastic surgery by your trusted doctor? Then do it. Don’t do plastic surgery because you are unfulfilled with your appearances and think you need bigger and rounder eyes, or full lips, or tight skin. When doing such massive surgeries, you may end up looking more robotic than human! So scary!

Ladies, if your body could scream out loud, it will say only this, “Please respect and love me. It’s more than enough.”

(Photo was taken from Women’s Right News Facebook page)


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