Personal Romance

Recently I watched again an episode of The Big Bang Theory tv series, particularly the episode where Howard Wolowitz wanted to make a romantic surprise date for Bernadette to celebrate their first date (ok, the title of the episode is “The Romance Resonance”, it was episode 6, season 7, fellas). My eyes were teary at the moment where Howard brought the keyboard to hospital where Bernadette put into isolation chamber and sang a song he made for her. Yes, Howard is a creepy little guy who thinks he’s the sexiest man alive (which he is not! Ask Penny if you don’t believe me), but what he did to Bernadette was very romantic. He put his feeling, his admiration for Bernadette into a song, and he asked his friends to sing along with him. The song was nothing like a regular romance song, it’s weird actually, but it’s their song. The lyric was the story of their relationship. 

Then, there was another scene from the same episode where Penny wanted to do romantic things for Leonard, but she couldn’t figure out how. It turned out, for Leonard, the most romantic things Penny did for him was keeping stuff that Leonard gave him. The airplane ticket, the rose he put in the windshield (just because), the eleven pages of letter after the first time they had slept together, the asthma inhaler (oh this one was from another episode), all the little things. Leonard was touched for what Penny did, and Penny explained why she kept all the stuff. “Because it’s you,” was the reason. Because what Leonard did and gave to her was important.

Even Amy did something romantic for Sheldon. She didn’t try to lift p Sheldon’s mood when he found out he made calculation error for his finding. She knew what Sheldon really needed, the concession that he was wrong. For Sheldon, that really mattered the most.

Why I write all of this? One thing I learned from this episode. Romance things is personal. It’s not a consensus, not an agreement that made by most of the people. It’s not about red roses, or flowers. Not chocolate, or romantic dinner. I want to say, don’t follow the mainstream, but apparently, not following the mainstream is mainstream *sigh*. Romantic things you want to give your partner should be personal. You have to know him/her better for that. For some, it might be romantic dinner. For other, it might be cleaning up the house, or making a handcraft gift, or buying a book he/she wants so much, or a weekend getaway because both of you are too busy.
Be creative, and in doing so, get to know your partner better. 😉


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