Peu Haba Aceh

“Peu Haba Aceh” is an event organized by the Indigenous Council of Aceh in West Java (Masyarakat Adat Aceh di Jawa Barat) in cooperation with Bustanussalatin Foundation. As the title of the event, “Peu Haba Aceh, Explore Character of Aceh for the Nation”, this event was held to share experiences and ideas as well as discussion between speakers and participants, most are Acehnese youth whom are currently studying or working in Bandung. In this event, the speakers shared how they found the character of Aceh within theirselves, the influences of it to them in their daily life or their life’s purpose. By exploring the character of Aceh inside every Acehnese, they hope Acehnese people can implement it in every aspect of their life and develop Aceh and Indonesia. The speakers also encourage the youth to give their best for the people of Aceh and Indonesia.
Peu Haba Aceh 1
Peu Haba Aceh 2
Peu Haba Aceh 3
Peu Haba Aceh 4
Peu Haba Aceh 5
Peu Haba Aceh 7
Peu Haba Aceh 8

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