Her Destination

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She thought that her life was happy enough, not perfect, but it’s enough. She had so many dreams, she wanted to fulfill her dreams, but she just didn’t know how to reach her dreams. She liked to do many things, all things. She believed that life should flow like a river.

So, what did she do? She just lived. She played, she did what she should do. Did she take chance? Sometimes she did. Most of the time, not. Why? Shouldn’t she take chances to fulfill her dreams? One has to sacrifice something in order to reach his or her dreams, right? That’s the rule. Well, she blamed her circumstance, but there’s another factor, she was coward to take the chance.

Until one day. That very day, when she realized that life cannot always flow like a river. Yes, water flows, through the river, to the ocean. Even water has its destination. That day, she realized all these times, she hadn’t had that destination to go to. What’s the end point of her life? Heaven? Popularity? Power?

That thought still bugged her, but she didn’t stop. She kept on walking, living, and finding the answer of the question.

That destination that she wanted to reach to.

ps : Don’t hesitate to correct my English and Grammar. Thank you


5 thoughts on “Her Destination

  1. I think life doesn’t have a fixed aim or destination, if it do have then it would lose it’s meaning once we attain it. May be it’s about just living it and moving on towards a unknown light

    1. The destination might not be the fixed one, it depends on our maturity, on our experiences, circumstances. At least, we should have life vision, to give at least the direction where to go, what we should do, etc. That vision (in my opinion) somehow would lead us to that unknown light, and then it would somehow encourage (if not force) us to figure ourselves 🙂

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