On the Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day!! ❤

I didn’t remember much about the valentine, to be honest. I was busy sleeping (yes, sleep is busy activity) and then meeting with my thesis adviser. I didn’t spoil myself rotten this day, but there are things I feel grateful.

First, my thesis adviser was in very good mood today, no complaint whatsoever, even I didn’t prepare anything tangible for the meeting. We will meet again tomorrow for the detail discussion of my thesis topic.

Second, hung out with Tia and Irvani, had a great meal, and conversation 😀

Third, at the campus parking lot, when I wore my raincoat and prepared to go home (during very big rain), there was a man and a woman. They tried to stop me from going home in such a bad weather, but I refused because my home is far from campus. Understood with my reason, then they said, “Be careful, don’t ride your motorcycle too fast, ok.” Suddenly I felt blessed, like they were praying for my safety. I am glad that I met them even just for a couple of minutes.

Fourth,  I finally made progress on my thesis. I have rewritten the procedures and I think I’m ready for tomorrow ^^

To sum up, I feel very grateful for the day. How about your Valentine’s Day? Let me know ^^


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