Sunrise, sunrise

Hola! It’s officially 1st January of 2012!! (except in America :p) Whoooah, already 2012. So, this month, I will join 2 challenge. Photography challenge “31 days taking photo of your life” and writing challenge “River of Stone”. It would be super exciting (wait a minute, my thesis!! My thesis!!).

First post for photography challenge. Sunrise. I turned on my alarm to 5 a.m and 6 a.m, woke up at that time, and shocked. No sun! It was cloudy and rainy. I still woke up, sat in front of my netbook, and wait. And there it was, the sun came out shyly. So, I present the sunrise from Kopo Elok!! Muwahahaha.

I went out, took some photos. Click, click. Found some “stones” for my writing challenge, and got back. It’s already good start for me this day. I still have to study because I have to attend an exam remedial, my score is not too good -____-, also there’s thesis. I can nail them of course. Huzzah!

Have a very great day people. Happy new year. Have a great year this year.


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