2011 : Year of new things!

2011, is the year when I continue my study, Pharmacy master program. I take specialty in pharmacology, in immunology field to be precised.

2011, is the year when I joined a kind of training, failed, but the training opened my eyes and made me very grateful of the life that I have, friends that I have.

2011, is the year when I take photography seriously (plus, it’s the year that I got my first DSLR camera!!). When I try to improve my technique, and focusing on street photography (although sadly, these few months, I haven’t improved much). I found great people, those who help me, gives me critique, advices, suggestions, even become my mentors. I am proud to say that I am improved in photography, although it’s a slight improvement, but still, I am proud of what I’ve done. It’s a long process, and I am on my way to get there.

2011, is the year when I had vacation with my family, after so many years we didn’t do it (last time it was vacation to Lombok ^^)! (it’s not a very good vacation, but it’s good anyway :p)

2011, is the year when I, once again, after few years, felt depressed of my future. When I couldn’t find out where I should go, when it seemed to me that I lost the light. It was horrible months for me. But, there’s always reason for something that happens to us. I have friends that became my candle light to show me the way. At least they kept me warm. I met new people. I found new things to be done. And I learned… no matter where the road lead me, it’s my destination that matters the most. Plus, there’s always God, and as long as I keep my faith, I won’t be lost.

2011, is the year when I start doing things I haven’t done before. Like I join this monthly challenge of writing. Started from November, when the challenge was to write 50.000 words novel, which I failed. But I built the spirit to write, and couldn’t stop writing after that. So I joined the December writing challenge, it’s weekly themed, and I nailed it :p  Also it’s the year when I involve myself in some kind of charity groups, and I start contributing as a writer and photographer for a new magazine ^^. And it’s because I met new persons, I create a monthly challenge of photography/drawing (30 days of Life Images)  which will be started on January 2012  ^^

2011, is the year when I got my first surprise birthday party! With cake and candles ❤ thanks to my lab friends :p If I may request, for my next birthday, could you just send Dwayne Johnson as the surprise? :p (dilempar ke tong isi kloroform).

2011, is the year when I learn more about man and woman. Oh ho, next year I am going to be more amazon than you think, baby!

So, to sum up.. (as I usually do, at the end of the year), I declare that  2011 is the year of new things! Haha.

I thank God for this lovely year. I thank my parents. I thank my best friends, Riesa and Danz whom always accompany me through my journey. I thank my friends on my lab (Irvani, Mbak Upi, Dewi, Finna, Puput) whom always want to listen to my stupid jokes and we always have great time together (not in science field, but in random field :p). I thank my online friends all over the world, for the chat, for the help, for the love too (Faheema, Carin, Danny, Lou, Katja, Rima, Bea, Ashley, Tim, Tommy ‘Pengu’, thank you <3). Thank you all, without all of you, this year would not be so fun ^^

Have a very blessed year ahead of you. Welcome 2012


4 thoughts on “2011 : Year of new things!

  1. Sounds you like you had a challenging, fun but a thrilling 2011 🙂
    It has been amazing meeting you my friend!

    This year is one of the best for me I think, in some ways. Insha’Allah I pray your 2012 will be even better, may Allah grant you success, happiness and great health! Ameen ❤

    1. Lovieee, that’s the greatest thing I heard today 🙂 Thank you for your prayer, and I pray the same too. May Allah Grant you success, happiness, great health, and may He accompanies you in every step you take. Ameen. Love you ❤

  2. Great. 2011 was a fascinating and great never-a-dull-moment-year obviously :).

    I guess you will in a few hours throw a party to celebrate the turn of the year and will prepare for making ’12 even more exciting than last year was :).

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hello Colson, thank you for visiting and leaving comment on my blog ^^ Yep, I am glad that 2011 is a great year for me 🙂 And nope, I don’t throw a party nor go to one :)) can’t bear the traffic jam on my city, or the crowd (and TV shows are more exciting :p), and have to sleep early so tomorrow I can capture the first sunrise on 2012 on my camera 😀

      Happy new year to you too. Have a very great year, great life ahead of you *woot woot*

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