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#Day 15 : The good and the bad

Welcome to the third week of December challenge ^^. The theme for this week is to write good things that happen at the day.

Today, there’s nothing good happen to me, honest. I mean, everything is just so-so, and I am not going to be one of those crap who would be grateful for the fresh air and happiness around me. I didn’t experience bad things also, but what happen today was not really nice.

But I am still thankful of it. There’s still something “good” that I learn this day, although not in a conventional term. Good thing happened to me was I could still be able to know my mistakes, and I realize that I made mistakes. Good thing that happened to me was I could still recognize and differ, what’s good and what’s bad. What’s happiness, and what’s not.

For me, one of the important things to be realized of, is, one still recognize the good and the bad. The sadness and the happiness. It’s okay if you don’t feel happy, it’s okay if on that day there’s nothing good happen, that’s life. Face it. And if you can recognize the good and the bad, you can be grateful for every happiness you experience, you have, and you feel. And when you experience the bad things, you won’t be desperate too, for you know there’s always good things come after the bad.

Am I rambling? Oh, hell yes. ^^

Have a very great evening, fellas.


2 thoughts on “#Day 15 : The good and the bad

  1. Hi writer:), why you didn’t have good things today?. Why fresh air and wake up early you call it crap? :(. I’m sorry if we ask you with “why” question.
    Maybe you can start to visit Neil pasricha blog, Neil started his blog 1000 Awesome Things, as a small reminder — in a world of rising sea levels, global conflict, and a troubled economy — of the free, easy little joys that make life sweet.
    There always be a small, little, you can name it, a joy or happiness, that you can share to your self and to your friend everyday.

    Tetap semangat ya:)


    1. Hi mimin ^^ it’s not the “fresh air and wake up early” are crap (those were just my expression), but for me, if there’s nothing that I consider good thing happen to me at that day, I won’t say “I will be grateful for the fresh air that I breathe today.” It’s like I make stuff up. When I am happy, I am happy. when I am not, then I am not. That simple. I don’t have to scrape from the bottom of my activities on the day just to share something “empty”. For today, I might share that one of my happiness is there’s a guy who befriend with me and give his attention to me, but that’s not happiness. In fact, I am getting stressful just analyzing and think over it. Or I might say that, I met these handsome juniors on campus, but well I didn’t even take a good look on their face :p

      For me, the essence of life is when one can experience and understand and aware of things called happiness and sadness. and I am grateful that I still have the ability to feel the sadness. to feel that i am unhappy. for tomorrow, I might feel happy again, I might experience something cheerful.

      Sometimes, we encourage people to share happiness, but maybe deep down inside, that person is unhappy at all. That doesn’t mean we encourage them to be depressed (again and again), but what if that person can’t express that kind of unhappiness just because people around him/her don’t actually want to listen to him/her? that’s sad. and what’s the point of sharing if we don’t want to share the sad times too?

      And mimin, I won’t lie. Yes, global conflict is frustrating. Yes, poverty is killing us. But if I can’t define my unhappiness, my happiness, if I can’t admit that I am not happy at one moment, then how can I make another people happy?

      The point of my posting is to tell the world, “Hey, it’s okay if you’re not happy. It’s okay if your day is crap, face it. That’s life. Life is not always about happiness. It’s like a wheel. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. But learn to face it like a warrior.” And a person must be grateful that he/she can feel the sadness. A human is called human, because he can feel. Both sad, and happy. If he cannot, where’s the heart? where’s the soul?

      I did not want to ruin your mission for the challenge, by the way. ^^

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