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#Day 12 : Hug

Hug is worth a thousand words.

I always prefer hug than “You’re going to be okay.” Or at least, a pat on my head, on my shoulders. Or maybe, a hand that will hold my hand.

That’s why, whenever I meet my best friends, the first time I do is hugging them. Very tight. Because when they hug me back, it’s not just about the touch, it’s about the warmth I feel inside, it’s about the energy that’s running into my body. It’s about the love that I feel, love from them.

I remember, when I was in the middle of laboratory exam to earn my pharmacist license, I was super stressful. I didn’t know what to do, I almost cried, but I kept my tears away. Until one day, I couldn’t hold them anymore, and I looked for my friend, Mayna (she was in another lab), and I ran into her arms, hugged her and cried.

Or back when I was undergraduate student. Whenever I meet Riesa (even until now), I would hug her first. When I feel sad, she would know by how I hug her. I always hug her longer than when I was happy. Or when I miss her, the hug would be even longer and longer.

And I like to hug them. Whenever they want me to. In sad times, or happy times.

Oh yes, Hug is worth thousand words.


2 thoughts on “#Day 12 : Hug

    1. tukang pecut yang suka dipeluk juga sama diriku 😀 dan nggak keberatan gw klo dipecut sama lu danz, karena habis dipecut pasti baleg deui ^^

      *tight hug*

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