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#Day 11 : Bestfriend

Fellas, how’s your day? I hope everything’s been great for you. So today, actually I didn’t have any idea what to write, what to say. As I started my morning in a mellow mood, and yeah I blame my hormone. Suddenly I wanted to cry, I wanted to hug someone or something (but sadly, the doll I have that I can hug is very dirty and I haven’t washed it yet @___@), then I chat with my best friend, Danz.

I cried. I told her what was inside my mind, why I felt sad. Then we joked a little, we talked, and I laughed. And since then, I smiled and smiled and laughed.

Now I have found out what I want to share with all of you.

Finding a best friend nowadays, is as hard as finding a soulmate

Because you can be friends with everyone. You can have as many acquaintances as you want. But best friend? The one that really knows you, and understands you, and knows how to handle you, it’s hard to find that person. It’s hard to find a person who can uplift your mood/spirit, whom has the braveness to admonish you when you’re wrong. But not just that, she/he also will show you how to correct the mistakes you’ve done, how to make things right. That person is willing to brainstorm with you. Or just trash talk with you.

And I thank God, I have found mine. Not just one, but two. Gorgeous and beautiful women, Danilah and Riesa.

Super duper tight hug for both of you, Love.


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