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#Day 9 : Believe, Have Faith

Yoohoooo!! How’re you people? I hope you had a great day (or for those who’s just going to start their day, I hope you will have a great day ahead of you ^^), and yes, weekend is coming!! Except for me whom still facing a lot of exams >_< 😀

Words of the day

Believe is all you have to do. Have faith, for all of your questions will be answered at the right time.

 Faith is what I was holding on to (and I am still holding on to that now, although sometimes I forget) when I was very desperate about my future. Back in 2009, when I took my pharmacist program, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be pharmacist. I didn’t really want to work in pharmaceutical field, I wanted to do something else. But my parents want me to become pharmacist and all, and I refused (deep inside my heart). It was one of the lowest moments of my life, but I strengthen myself, I said to myself over and over that someday, God would show me where I would fit in. That someday God would answer my questions about myself, what I should do, etc.

I held on to that. Long story short, I got the answer, through the unexpected way. This has happened several times to me. I don’t know if it will work to another people out there, but one thing that I believe, if you have faith, either faith in fate, faith in God, faith in yourself, you will do great.

Believe. Have faith. And work out yourself. Do what you should do.


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