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#8 : If you fall, get up!

Hello fellas ^^ welcome to the second week of December. So, the challenge theme for this week is “write your own wise words.”

For me, it’s a bit difficult, for I don’t really like to say wise words. And my method to motivate other people is by forcing them as hard as I can, maybe even shout at them, or hit them (never really hit physically, but yeah, you know what I mean). Yes, I am that kind of person. The hardcore! Lol.

But, I will try instead. My favorite powerful words that I (think) I’ve created are this:

If you fall, get up, don’t lie down! If you can’t, squat. Just don’t lie down.

As a person whom always being forced to become independent and tough (I thought so :p), I feel irritated seeing a person whining or crying over something. Whether you lost someone you love, lost your job, fail at something you’re doing, don’t whine!

It’s okay after a break up, after a failure to cry a little, feel sad for a while, but don’t be too convenient. 2 weeks are sufficient to do those things. Well, let’s make it a month. But enough is enough. After a month, get up, stand up, and fight back!

Your ex cheated on you? So what?! You still have a lot of great things to be done and by doing so, you might meet a new person who will fall in love with you and love you the way you are, even might share dreams with you.

Your final project/thesis messed up? You lost your data? So what?! Do it again.

Yes, you can beat it!

You failed at one (or more) of your subjects? So what? Take again the class. Study harder, prove to them that no matter what, you will pass the subjects.

Once, when I was in third grade, I failed at 2 subjects. I cried, feel depressed. Added to that fact was I didn’t really like pharmacy, back then. Then, a friend of mine, talked to me. He said a lot of strong words. Yes, strong. He asked me to fight back, to get up.

You know, what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger.

Exactly like that. That’s why you have to stand up. It will make you stronger.


ps: all photos were taken by me, and even if they don’t really related to the post, I feel like I want to upload them anyway. Haha :p

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