Short stories

#7 : A girl in love (end)

“Every time the Commander came into Leah’s room, she always asked to be released, so she could go back to her village. She missed her family and friends so much. But, every time she asked that, the Commander always refused. So, Leah started to think how to escape. Once she tried to runaway when the guard forgot to lock the door. Alas, the Commander caught her and brought her back to the room without saying anything. Her other plan was to fake that she was sick, so she would be brought to the healer’s house. Unfortunately, it was the healer brought to the commander’s castile to check on her. And the healer knew she was faking her sickness. She was given a very bitter solution which she was forced to drink.”

“Ouch, poor Leah. Why didn’t she just stab the commander and fight?” Galvin asked.

“If she had done that, she would be dead, Galvin! The commander was stronger than her, and he had a lot of guards. Even if she could get out of the room, she would be put back inside, or even she would be tied,” Cato argued.

“But she was strong. Isn’t that right, Yago?”

“Yes, she was strong, little man.”

“See, she was strong, so she should fight them.”

“She was alone. One woman fight at least more than ten men, she would be dead!”

“But she would die with honor! She fought for her freedom, Cato!”

“When you two are done with your arguments, wake me up, little men,” and by that, Yago closed his eyes.

“Nooooo!!” both Cato and Galvin shouted together.


“No, Yago, please please continue the story. Pleaseeee,” Galvin begged and tried to open Yago’s eyes.

“Galvin, what are you doing??” Cato was shocked seeing what his friend’s doing.
“Waking up Yago, so he would tell us the story.”


“Come on, Yago!” Galvin begged.

Yago open one of his eyes, “Promise me both of you will not argue before I finish the story?”

“We promise,” Galvin and Cato both nodded enthusiastically.

“Okay, I will continue the story. Even though her previous plans were failed, Leah kept trying. This time, she torn the bed sheet, and made rope from the sheet. One night, when she was sure that everybody was sleeping, she opened the window very slowly, and then she threw it outside. She climbed onto the window, and she sat on the window frame for a while, looked back into the room.

‘I guess I am going to miss this room, also the Commander too,’ she said to herself. She sighed and then slowly held onto the sheet and climbed down the building. It was very dark night, although the moon light helped her to see in that darkness. When her feet touched the ground, she felt relieved, and then she walked slowly, to avoid the guard on the perimeter.

Suddenly, there were hands grabbed her from behind. She fought as hard as she could. She kicked, punched, even tried to bite the person who grabbed her.

‘Calm down, Leah,’ she heard the deep voice that she has always been hearing regularly.

‘ How could you know I am here? How could you find out?’ Leah startled.

‘I know you, Leah. And I won’t let you go.’

‘But why?!! Why don’t you let me go? I want to go back to my village. I want to meet my parents, my family! You don’t have the rights to hold me here!’

‘On the contrary, I have every right. Even if I can let you go, I don’t want to.’

‘WHY?!!’ Leah shouted and started to punch the Commander’s chest.

“I love you, Leah. I don’t want to let you go, because I love you.”

“You what?”

“I’ve told you, and I won’t repeat it. I.. I did not want to tell you, but when you asked me whether I would love to hear love confession from a girl, and I don’t, I don’t want to hear that from a girl, I decided to tell you. Although, I never knew how to tell you that. You always asked to be released, and fought me.’

‘But, but..’

‘The reason I kept you because I don’t want you to be far away from me. Yes, I did not tell you, but that’s how I want to show you that I care. I want you to always be near with me.’

‘It’s impossible.’

‘It’s not. And I will keep you here, right next to me, until you feel the same way as I do,’ then the Commander brought Leah inside.”

“That’s it? But what happened next, Yago?” Calvin asked.

“Yes, did Leah fight again? Did she try to escape again?” Cato was curious.
“Both of you are smart, you should be able to guess the end of the story.”

“Aww, come on Yago! What happened? Tell us, tell us!” Cato insisted. He came closer to Yago and pushed Yago’s tail and pinched Yago.

“Come on, Yago! Tell us. What happened to Leah and Commander?”

“How could I tell my sister this story, if I don’t know the end of it?” Cato pinched Yago once again.

“That’s tickle, little man. I think you know how it ended.”

“I don’t know!”

“I could give you a clue.”

“What? Clue? That’s not fair!”

“I could definitely give you a clue. Two years later, there was a little Leah born, right inside the room where our Leah was being captive. “

-the end-

So, it’s the end of the first week challenge of this month. Next week’s theme is “wise words” 😀 Anyway, after thinking process that took very short time (:p), I think the title is not really fits with the story. Yeah, I am worst at making title, really! Tell me what you think of the story so far 😉 Your comments are very appreciated.

Anyway (again), you can check out other awesome fairy tales that were written by our fabulous writers who contributed in this challenge on WriSocMed facebook page  :

See you tomorrow, fellas ^^ Have a great day


6 thoughts on “#7 : A girl in love (end)

  1. Uwa.. Sweet ending.. And they live happily ever after… Kekeke,
    Mau ngakak pas baca si yago minta dibangunin kalo cato- galvin udah selesai ngomong sendiri, kocak.. Nice story, kak… 😀

    1. Makasih ya, say ^^ senang kalau dirimu senang membaca ceritanya 😀 hihihi, Yago lucu ya, saya naksir sama Yago *halah* :))

  2. Extraordinary ending writers:), we almost thought that yago will not tell what happen between commander and leah, and you will let your readers asking a lot of question later on. But in the end, we believe both of them were married. Cato and galvin, maybe to young to understand about it:)

    1. Thank you WriSocMed admin ^^ I was going to make it like that, Yago wouldn’t tell what happen between Leah and Commander, but I think it’s lovely if reader knows about them. That’s why it’s in clue. Galvin and Cato might not understand it at first, but I sure you, Cato’s sister would understand it immediately :p

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