Short stories

#6 : A girl in love (3)

Yago, Cato, and Galvin ate together and sometimes they exchange jokes. After they finished, Yago continued telling the story of the girl.

“So Leah was being captive, though she wasn’t put in a jail anymore. Every day, the Commander would come into the room and checked on her. She still did not want to talk anything at first. But after the first week, she started to tell a little about her village, after the commander assured her the people in her village were safe. She asked about her parents, her friends, and she asked about the hunter that she was once loved.

‘He’s dead. Why do you ask of him?’ the Commander asked.

‘Nothing. He’s one of my people. I concerned of him and his family,’ Leah lied.

‘You lie,’ the commander rejected Leah’s word.

‘What if I lie? What do you care??’ Leah became angry and then she faced the window, she looked outside.

‘You loved him, didn’t you, Leah?’ the Commander approached her from behind.

‘It was long time ago,’ Leah shrugged.

‘What happened?’

‘He married another girl. But it was not his fault. He did not know I loved him.’

‘Why didn’t you tell him?’

‘Because I was told that woman cannot tell her feelings out loud. Especially that kind of feeling,’ Leah stared to scenery in front of her. She leaned on her hands.

‘You should tell him,’ the Commander said.

‘Would you approve a woman who confesses to you that she is in love with you?’ Leah turned back and looked into the Commander’s eyes.


“I thought so. My sister was right. It was just my bad luck, I guess.’

The commander didn’t reply or say any words.

‘When I can go home? I agreed to stay here for the sake of my people. I want to go home, help them. I am doing nothing good here.’

‘You will go home when I tell you so. For now, you will keep staying here, Leah,’ then he left the room.”

“I don’t like the Commander. He should release Leah!” Galvin protested.

“But Leah is a prisoner, Galvin,” argued Cato.

“Yes, but she was just being captive there! She would be useful helping her people back home. I don’t understand why the Commander did that,’ Galvin insisted.

“That’s his right, his authority,” Cato’s eyes bulged out.

“Now now, don’t fight in front of me. I don’t like that,” Yago intervened.

“He is being ridiculous,” Cato pointed at Galvin.

“I am not being ridiculous! I am being rational.”

“No! you are ridiculous,” Cato stood up and faced Galvin.

“You want to fight?! Here? Right now?!!”

“STOP IT, BOTH OF YOU!” Yago raised his voice.

Galvin and Cato surprised. They didn’t think Yago would risen his voice like that.

“Sorry, Yago,” Galvin said.

“Do you want to hear the rest of story or not?” Yago asked.

“Yes, we do.”

“Then don’t fight. I’ve told you, I don’t like to see the two of you fighting here.”

“Once again, we are sorry. Please continue the story, Yago. Oh before that, why didn’t the commander release Leah?” Cato asked curiously.

“You would know at the end of the story.”


6 thoughts on “#6 : A girl in love (3)

  1. Ah cato ma galvin kerjaannya mw berantem terus nih, kekeke. Nah, trus gimana akhirnya? Apa alasannya? *nanya ama diri sendiri*. Besok hari terahir, n pasti part terahr kan? *kedip2 mata* penasaran.. :D.

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