Short stories

#4 : A girl in love

Still story from Yago series ^^, enjoy!

The next week, Cato and Galvin went back to see Yago in the tower. They did not forget to bring some foods for Yago and also snacks for themselves.

“Hi Yago, how are you?” Cato greeted with a big smile and he patted Yago’s neck.

“Fine, little man. What do you have inside that bag?” Yago peeked into the bag that was Cato’s holding.

“Foods for you, as usual,” Cato pulled out all foods from the bag and put them in front of Yago.

“Oh, yum! Now how are both of you?” Yago asked.

“We are fine, Yago. Please tell us another story this day,” Galvin requested as soon as he sat with his legs crossed.

“What story do you want to hear today?”

“What about story of prince and princess?” Cato suddenly suggested the unexpected story to be told. Well, unexpected for boys like them, because who would like to hear about love story? Except girls?

“WHAT?!! Are you insane, Cato? Prince and princess story??” Galvin was shocked.

“Well yes. What’s wrong with it?”

“What’s wrong with it? That’s very wrong! Prince and princess story would be love story, and that is disgusting! Why do you suddenly want to hear about that kind of story?”

“It’s not me who want to listen to the story. It’s my sister, Felina, whom requested the story, Galvin.”

“Why did she request such story?”

“Well, I told her the story that Yago told us last week. I told her, I met this storyteller on our way to sell the wheat and now she wants me to bring home another story. With specific theme, apparently.”

“Oh,” Galvin nodded.

“Uhm, Yago, is it okay I told my sister about the story? I did not tell her about you, though,” Cato.

“It’s okay. What’s the good of a story, if it doesn’t spread to the world?”

“Thank you, Yago! Now, do you have that kind of story? From your journey?”

“Let me think , HUMM, HUMM,” Yago closed his eyes and seemed to think very seriously.

After a while, Yago opened his eyes slowly, “I do have story, but it’s not about prince and princess. It’s about a hunter and a woman.”

“Well, I think it’s okay too, tell us about it,” Cato agreed

“Urgh, it will be boring,” Galvin complained and fell his body on the floor.

“Just listen, Galvin! Don’t make such an attitude,” Cato kicked Galvin’s right leg.

“Still from my journey. One day, I arrived at a village. The village located near a forest, most people there were hunter. They hunted animal for their meal, took herbs from the forest for healing, the forest was their life. In that village, there was this teenage girl, Leah, she behaved like boys. She could ride a horse just like how a man rode a horse. She would ride as fast as she could, and she won the entire race that was being held. She was also very good at fighting. No one was dared enough to make her angry, they were afraid of her fists.”

“Wow!” Galvin was enchanted.

“This girl had an unusual habit. She would say whatever she felt, she thought. She had a feeling for a handsome hunter in that village. She decided to tell her feeling, but, her sister forbade her to do that.
‘It is not good for a woman to tell her feeling out loud. Let the man figure it himself, Leah.’ Leah believed her sister, because she saw herself that her sister found a good man and had good marriage, she then thought if it worked for her sister, it would work for her too. So she never told the handsome hunter about her feeling.”

“Then what happened?”

“Day after day, week after week, month after month, Leah only admired the handsome hunter from afar. There was an urge from deep inside her heart to tell to the hunter what she felt for him. But she kept silent. For that’s what girl should do. Until she heard from a friend of her, the handsome hunter was going to get married with the daughter of blacksmith.”

“That’s rude!” Galvin shouted.

“How can that be rude, Galvin? The hunter didn’t even know that Leah had a feeling for her,” Cato said.

“Well yes, but…”

“Shush, let Yago finished the story.”

“Humm, this is getting interesting. You must already know that she was very broken hearted. Blessed her though, she did not even let the world knew that she was brokenhearted. She lifted her head when she walked, she wiped her tears. But she became cold after that. She did not longer believe in something called love. She did not believe in people’s word. She thought, if only she told the handsome hunter about her feeling, she had might be his wife. But she wasn’t. She accepted that, but it changed her much.”

“Then what happened? Don’t tell me it’s not happy ending, Yago,” Cato insisted.

“Not all story in this world is happy ending, little impatient man,” Yago answered calmly.

“Yes, but, there must be continuance of this story, right? Right?” Cato insisted again.

“Fortunately for your curiosity, the story did not end yet.”

“Tell us, tell us!!”


2 thoughts on “#4 : A girl in love

    1. actually my grammatical was wrong >_< it should be : What's the good of a story, if it isn't spread to the world" hehehe, thank you, glad you love it

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