Short stories

Day 3 : Yago and little girl

“I went to where the girl was living. And yes, she had no friend. Night after night I watched her in her room. Night after night she always sat by the window and looked up onto the sky. Then one night, I appeared myself in front of her. She was shocked, almost faint I believe, but then she opened her window.”

“And then, what happened?” Galvin moved closer to Yago.

“I asked her why she had no friend. She said, her parents didn’t let her to have any friend, let alone to play outside.”

“But why?! That’s not fair!!” Cato was very angry at the girl’s parents.

“She didn’t know why her parents forbade her to have friends. But I knew. Wind told me. Her parents were afraid that she would get hurt by other people. They were afraid of people outside, that they would use her, take advantage of her. I did not tell her about those reasons; it’s her parents’ obligation to let her know. So, I accompanied her night after night, telling her stories of my adventure.

“One day, there was a little girl, younger than the first girl played outside our girl’s window. That little girl hummed and took some flowers or grass.”

“How did you know she was there? Where were you? You couldn’t be showing yourself nearby. And more importantly, what is her name? You never told us her name”

“What is so important about name, little man? The story is about her, whether I named her Anna or Tatiana, it’s still about her.”

“Well, then, if you say so, Yago.”

“I was hiding behind a hill not far from the girl’s home. The girl was curious of that little girl outside. At first she was just staring at the little girl. Sometimes the little girl stared back at her. After several days, the girl opened her window and called that little girl.

‘Hello, who are you? Why are you playing here?’ asked the girl.
The little girl stared at her and shrugged, ‘Why don’t I? Why don’t you play here too?’

‘I am not allowed to play outside.’

‘But why, it is fun to play here. You can feel the grass tickling your feet, and you can watch Mr. and Mrs. Ants here!’ said the little girl.

‘Mr. and Mrs. Ants??’

‘Yes! You don’t know them?’

The girl shook her head.

‘You should know them. Come here and let me introduce you.’

The girl hesitated, ‘I should not go outside,’ she said.

‘You should. I can’t bring Mr. and Mrs. Ants to you. They live here, you should come here.’

‘But, what if my parents know?’

‘You tell them you want to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ants,’ the girl answered simply. The girl still hesitated, then I came inside her mind and whispered to her.”

“You came inside her mind?? You can do that?!!” Galvin didn’t believe at what he heard.

“I can do that, little man.”

“WOW! Then what happened?”

“I could sense she was shocked hearing me inside her mind. But I calmed her, and then I told her that it’s her time to go outside, and If she didn’t like it, she could always go back inside. She climbed the window, and jumped to the ground. It was the first time for her to felt the grass on her feet. The little girl was right, it felt ticklish.

‘Oh, wow!’ said the girl amazed.

‘It feels tickle, right’ asked the little girl grinning from ear to ear.

‘It is, indeed,’ the girl moved her toes on the grass. She took a deep breath, looked up onto the bright sky. It was the first time she felt the heat from the sun.

‘Are you going to stand there all day, or do you want to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ants?” the little girl now became impatient.

‘Oh, okay,’ the girl came closer to the little girl who was crouching.

‘Come down here!’

The girl then crouched too and looked onto the grass.

‘Do you see that? Those ants?’

‘Yes, there are a lot of them. Which are Mr. and Mrs. Ants?’

‘Those are Mr. and Mrs. Ants! All of them.’

‘All of them?? How can you recognize each of them?’

‘You can! Just watch them. Look, look!’

For the rest of the day, they played together in the yard, when the girl’s parents found them there in the afternoon.”

“Oh, no! What happened then?” Cato was shocked, his eyes widened. Galvin also felt the same way, his eyes widened for he was anxious to hear more of the story.

“Her parents were angry at her.

‘What are you doing outside here!’ her father shouted, his face turned very red.
‘I am playing Mama, Papa, with my friend here.’

‘We have told you that you are not allowed to be outside or have friend! Now go back inside! And you, don’t you ever come to this place again!’ her father said again. Her head was down, and she obeyed her father’s order. She went inside.

‘What did you think you were doing? You know there’s nothing good outside!’ her mother talked and accused her.

‘But there is a good thing, Mama. I can feel the heat of the sun, the grass; I can see ants, flies, butterflies. There are a lot of good things outside.’

‘It’s not right!’

‘If it’s not right, the why you and Papa can go outside, while I am not? Why you locked me inside? Why can’t I have friend? It is not fair!’ the girl suddenly cried and ran away to her room. She locked herself inside and cried. That night I came, and she was still sobbing when she opened the window.

‘It is not fair, Yago! I want to go outside again.’

‘You will. You should ask them the reason they forbid you, and tell them what you really want.’

‘Will they listen to me?’ the girl was not sure of my suggestion.

‘You should try first, little girl.’”

“And then what happened, Yago?” asked Galvin

“Yes, yes! Tell us what happened!” urged Cato.

“You little men surely don’t have patience at all. But I understand. The next day, the little girl came to her parents and asked them why she isn’t allowed to play outside or have friends. They were hesitated at first. It wasn’t their habit to do a real talk with their daughter. The girl kept insisting them though, and they talked. They talked about that and everything.

“Later that day, the girl told me what she’s been talking with her parents. She told me, her parents finally let her to go outside, as long as it’s not very far away from home. She was also allowed to have friend, but she must bring them home, so her parents get to know them.”

“Well, that’s common. Our parents also act the same way,” Galvin shrugged.

“Yes, but that’s pretty big decision for them, Galvin. She got to play outside and have friends now,” Cato responded.

“He’s right, little man. And that is one of the story I had from my journey.”

“Do you have another story?” Galvin requested as he found that Yago’s story was awesome.

“I do have another story, but that will be for another day. It’s time for both of you to go home, look outside, little men.”

Both Galvin and Cato looked outside the tower’s window, and they were amazed by how fast time was going while Yago telling the story.

“Okay, we will go home, but next time, tell us another story, will you?” Galvin sighed.

“Will do, little boy. Now go home and we will see each other in another time.”

Both Galvin and Cato stood up and then climbed left Yago alone again in the darkness. That night, they had a memory embedded in their mind. They thought about the little girl, about Yago in the tower, about the journey, and about their secret. Secret that only they knew.

At that time.

-to be continued-


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