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#2 Yago (2)

After taking Kevin, Ramsay, and Rafer to their own houses and left them there (in not so good condition), both Galvin and Cato went back to the tower. Before they went back, they went to their homes and took away some bacon for Yago, also some snacks and milk for themselves). They ran in a hurry because they were really anxious to find out more about Yago.

“Yago! We’re back!” Galvin shouted once he and Cato arrived on the top of the tower.

No need to shout, little man. I can hear you from the time you shut the door at your home,” said Yago as he opened his eyes.

“You can??” Cato amazed to Yago’s answer.


“How come?” Cato asked again.

I don’t know. I just can do that.”

“Oh, by the way, here, we bring something for you,” Galvin gave bacon he brought to Yago. He also put some milk into a wood bowl and put it in front of Yago. Yago looked at the food Galvin and Cato brought for a while.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like it?” asked Cato.

I do like it,” answered Yago.


There has never been any human brought me something,” said Yago in calmness. Both Cato and Galvin suddenly felt uncomfortable hearing that answer. It was not because of the answer itself, but they were too stunned that their simple gift can give that effect to Yago.

“Why don’t you eat it? And we will eat together. Look, we bring our snacks too,” Galvin showed Yago snacks that he brought for himself and Cato. The three of them then start eating together. Cato and Galvin sat not far from Yago. They ate in silence, and Yago seemed enjoy the meal.

“Yago, tell us about yourself,” asked Galvin.

What do you want to know?” Yago asked back.

“Where do you come from? Why you end up here?” Galvin.

I come from far away. From the land that no human has set his foot there and he will never be. I went away from my home because I had to. We were assigned with a human whom has pure heart and accompany him in a journey..”

“A human? Where is he now?” Galvin was very curious then.

“Shhht! He hasn’t finished his story yet, Galvin. Be patient!” Cato elbowed him.

He was killed during a war. After that I haven’t found any human who has pure heart. But I keep going and seeking out for that kind of human. One day, I was very tired and I saw this Tower.  I decided to take a rest here and stay here ever since.”

“You haven’t found any? But there are a lot of good people in the world, Yago!” Cato was shocked.

Little man, one day you will know, how a man can pretend to be called good people, but he doesn’t have a pure heart inside,” Yago replied solemnly.

Cato was confused, so was Galvin. But they kept their confusion inside.

“Can you tell us about the man that you were assigned to?” Galvin now asked.

I don’t want to talk about him right now, little man, for I will be saddened by the memory of him.”

“ Oh, I am sorry. Can you tell us about your adventure, instead?”

That I can. What do you want to listen?”

“Anything! You can tell us anything.”

HUMM,” Yago thought for a while.

HUMM,” he said again.

“What what??” Galvin was very excited.

Let me tell you a story about one girl I met during my journey.”

“Urgh, a girl?? What is so interesting about a girl?” Galvin said disgusted.

“Shut up, Galvin. Let him tell the story!” Cato elbowed Galvin.  Galvin kept quiet then and sat very still, he was ready to listen to Yago’s story.

One day I flew around without destination. I didn’t know where my wings would bring me to. I just flew. Then one day, the wind whispered to me about a girl who did not have a friend at all.

“No friend?? No friend at all? How come?” Cato.

“Shht!! Let him finish!” now it was Galvin turn to elbow Cato.

-to be continued-


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