Hang out

Yesterday, I went out and tried to take some photos. Street photos (though I didn’t get much) and also took some of Danz photos at Baksil (Babakan Siliwangi). In the morning I went to SaRaGa (Sasana Olahraga Ganesa) to watch IRAPTSI (Invitasi Renang Antar Perguruan Tinggi Seluruh Indonesia) or you may call it University swimming competition :p It was a very very super duper hot day >_< and I think my foot were on fire *faint* but I did take some photos there, and also learn few things on what I should learn more about Sports Photography :p

After that I met with Danz, went to BakSil, and we arrived at our main destination, the green suspension bridge. We took some photos there (of Danz of course, not me :p) and the funny thing was, there was a couple there, a young (ababil) couple. The boy took photos of his beautiful girlfriend (she is beautiful indeed), and then they took turn. The girl then held the camera, tried to take some photos. In an instant you would know that the boy was the one whose the “actual photographer”, he understood about camera and posing, and lighting, etc. The girl was just trying to learn. What was a little bit funny and irritated both me and Danz was how the boy “taught” his girlfriend on how to hold the camera, and blamed her if the result was bad, and he was not a patient teacher at all.

It made me thought : yeah, like you’re that great too.

And another thought –> girls, if you’re into photography, before you go to an actual date, test the man that you like (if he’s also into photography). Act like a fool. Pretend that you don’t know about camera, photos, etc. And see how he “teaches” you. If he’s suck at it, dump him.

kidding, maybe :p

2 thoughts on “Hang out

  1. All those black & white pics & then such a lovely colourful one – very colourful 🙂 Nice blog. It must be fun to go out and “just see what you can find”.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and give this lovely comment ^^ Yes it is very fun to go out and see what I can find, open my mind to see new things (which sometimes it’s not that new, but the way I see it, is new :D)

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