Thesisku Sayang, Thesisku Malang

Judulnya klise banget ya.. wkwkw :p Ndak apa lah, everybody loves cliche, right? So, it’s about my thesis. After almost 3 months (I guess.. for me it’s like forever I’ve stucked in this moment) I lost my motivation of anything (I do really mean, ANYTHING, even in photography and writing little stories!), I kind of find it back, a little. I’ve made little stories again, my passion of photography slowly but sure comes back again, and of course, my main duty, finishing the Thesis, I find the spirit to do it.

Although, of course, when I write this, I haven’t made any progress yet, but at least I want to finish it now. Not just because the deadline is coming up, but also.. I want my thesis supervisor has good impression of me. I want to prove myself to her, that I can do this!

So.. let’s get back to Thesis. It’s new field for me, but new is challenging! Ha Ha Ha


-ignore me, I am crazy-


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