Tarot reading

So, last Saturday, I went to Braga Festival, with Danz, my bestfriend (or, my bestie, as Amy Farrah Fowler calls it :p) I went there to take some “street” photos, since it’s been 2 weeks I had not taken any photos and almost months since I was really interested in taking pictures.  It was very sunny day, we were laughing after seeing some kind of show, and then when we continued to walk, I saw this little stand, and it says : Tarot Reading, Magic Games. I was super excited!! Just few days before I really really wanted to be read by a “professional” fortune teller, not just “imitation” one like myself :p

Long story short, I was then read by the fortune teller. He was kind, although I have this sense that he’s a kind of straight-to-the-point person. I asked him, if I could continue my study abroad. He said, I could only watch people going abroad, but not myself -___-. Then he asked me something, answered something, looked to my palms (well he can do palmistry too). In conclusion, I lost myself. I lost the “hero” figures in my life, and that’s why my life is so unbalance recently, and why I become passive and lazy. I should look for another “hero” figure to balance my life again.

He also said that, refusing to do what my parents want me to do, doesn’t mean I am rebellious or “durhaka” if I might say. I have to fight for myself, which I don’t do recently.

The main thing from tarot reading last Saturday was that I realized, (1) Since years ago, the root of my problems is still the same; (2) I haven’t moved on emotionally. I am still stuck in that phase of emotion, and that’s not good.

It’s good to be read, whatever the result is. I don’t really care about the result, because the result will happen if I actually do something about it, right? So, right now I am only going to focus on what I should do.


2 thoughts on “Tarot reading

    1. Haha all the same. By the way.. I asked his name card..and he gave me one plus with his cell phone number. If you’re interested and want to be read by him? I can give you the number and you can ask him by yourself, if you visit Bandung :p

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