(Not) so fun fact

It’s like a routine stuff now.. being happy one day, and the other day, just like a snap, I will feel sad all the sudden. I blame my stupid hormone, but unfortunately I can’t have a dialogue with it (I am so curious why the hormone is trying to make my life a little bit miserable).

Today… after a happy day with my best friend, went to my friend’s wedding (where photos I took of them were displayed on the wedding reception), had great talk at campus, I went home, and the stupid miserable thing came over and over.

Fun fact… I am either seen as “spare tire” or “mentor” or “potential girl to be cheating partner” or “only to be checked out”. The last one I don’t mind.. the first three I do mind. But, what the hell, right?! I mean, there are always jerks who think that they have the right to “use” other people just to make them happy. I wonder why they just don’t hire a whore -____-

Another fun fact : I hate critique (who doesn’t?!) but if I don’t receive any critique, how can I become a better person? How can I improve? I am always sad after receiving critique, like all that I’ve done are wrong, rubbish, etc., but that’s just for a minute. After that I push myself to correct what I did wrong, to improve what I should improve.

What I really hate… when expertise gives complimentary where in fact she/he should give critique to me, the rude one maybe. Feels like LIE! I know I am not good, why the hell give compliment? (When this happen, I always think my parents were right when they say that people who give compliment to me are lying, and just want to make me happy and hide the truth!)

Yeah, well.. that’s life, isn’t it? God is joking now… and whenever He tells a joke, I feel like I’m crying


One thought on “(Not) so fun fact

  1. just live your life thee..dont give a damn with other people thought
    they live their own life with their own way, and you should live your life with your own way…well i did that…(b’cause the one who will live your life is you..not them…)
    “only to be checked out” well…hmm…how should i say this…
    you deserved to be checked out..LOL, even i did that..(in a good way, of no offense)
    about god, well i can only say, with the whole good and shit that happened in life…is the way god talk to us, god just want to show that there something really precious behind all those shit and good…(but only when we want to take a time to think about all those stuff)
    well just my two cent sist…

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