Short stories

The Way I Do -part 1-


It started with a cup of coffee. That was continued into three cups of coffee, I guess, but who’s counting anyway? You were there, sitting in front of me, with the beauty of yours, mesmerizing me. Have I told you that I was mesmerized by you? Probably not, I can’t say it anyway. If I say it, you might think I’m crazy or pervert.

But I was. I was mesmerized by you. Your lips, do you know that you have kissable lips? I know, I didn’t really pay attention to what you said, all I could think about was kissing you, right there, on the table, in the cafe. And your eyes… the way they sparkled when you told me about your project, about the fun you had with your friends. And your smile. If a smile could make someone faint, maybe I fainted over and over again everytime you gave that smile to me. Oh, don’t forget about your laugh. I like the way you laugh. I love to make you laugh. Even if I had to make fun of myself, made myself looked silly in front of you, I didn’t care, I wouldn’t care! As long as I could hear that lovely laugh of yours, that’s all I needed.

Heck, but I am not a romantic man. I couldn’t even say this to you. I just could smile and smile, and remember about our meeting when I went home that day. I just could stare and read again and again your text message where you said you had a great time with me.

Oh, also that second message that you sent few hours later, that you’d like to hang out with me again.

I swear to God, that night, I slept very tight, and the next morning I woke up in a great mood. I just couldn’t wait to see you again

-to be continued-

ps : don’t hesitate to correct my English 😉


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