New Camera, New Target

So, I got new camera! *Have I said that on my previous post?* Finally my father bought me Nikon d90, the camera that I’ve been always wanting to get, and I didn’t want any other camera. Just that. Thanks to my dad, he bought me that particular camera. Yes, it’s expensive, very expensive, and maybe if I save some of my weekly allowance, I wouldn’t know when can I buy the camera.

The reason he bought me the camera (despite of my birthday that was coming up, but I don’t think that’s the main reason), was because he found out that I borrowed my friend’s analog camera and it’s telephoto lens. He has this principle, that it’s not good to borrow things. If one can’t buy thing that he really wants, then either he save some money to buy that thing, or he must accept the condition that he doesn’t have that thing.

Feel confused? Me too. Well, that’s his principle, and when he argued about that with me, at that time I said that I was into photography, I love this hobby.

So, maybe that’s why he bought me the camera. I am so happy, but I think I will be broke soon, since I don’t earn any money now, and I still have to buy a lot of things for camera :p. For example, after asking some money for buying camera to my dad, today I bought 2 filters (UV and Polarizing filters) for my camera that cost 380 thousand rupiahs. And I still need flash light, cleaning kit, 50 mm lens, telephoto lens, and second battery :p

Great thing is, although I complain/whine a little (or much? :p) about the budget, now I have target in my mind, I will save my weekly allowance *after I feed these dragons in my stomach that make me always feel hungry*, to buy those things I need for the camera.

Some target, isn’t it :p

Overall, I want to do a lot of good things with my photography hobby. Hopefully, I can earn some money too 😀


2 thoughts on “New Camera, New Target

  1. HA3x…actually your father principal is quite common in man world…you know.. it become some kind of pride…when a head family found that his member of family wants something, he will tried his best to give what his family want…same thing with my father…. and same thing that happened with me latelly…all i want to do is buy thing for my old man an my brother…
    and about money..yeah same thing happened to me, this month i allready spend around 155 thousand rupiahs for swim google and skipping rope….and this is just the beginning of the month….

    1. ah so! Then it’s new perspective for me, it’s not because the oddness of the principle. I guess when we spend a lot of money for something that we really want, something that’s worth to spend a lot of money for it, then it’s ok. By the way, I haven’t done the project you asked me to 😦

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