Saturday Thought

Honestly, I really want to start my gradschool class :shrug: Not because I love studying, but simply because I want something to do. I want to go outside this home. All these questions about work and marriage will someday kill me!

So this day, I spent my morning reading an article in New York Times website about American Moslem Women who wear niqab *hijab and clothes that also cover their face*. The article was not long one, but it really attracted people to give comment. There were 314 comments, and I read all of them. Some were supporting those women who wear either niqab or hijab. Some were not. Of course there’s always two sides of opinion. The main conclusion that I could take after reading those comments is : there’s still a lot of people who don’t understand Islam, let alone why moslem woman wear hijab.

For me, if anyone ask *like anyone will care enough to ask me =p* why I decided to wear hijab, to cover my body and my hair, I will only answer this : because in Qur’an *Koran* Allah said so.

I wasn’t oppressed by my parents when I chose to wear hijab. In fact, my mom opposed my idea at that time. And I don’t ever feel by wearing hijab, I become submissive to any man. Nope. I have a lot of boy friend, and they respect me and my other friends who wear hijab.

Well, I am rambling. I don’t know why I write about this


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