Broken Heart

On my previous post, I told you about the film camera I used for taking some shots, and I was waiting for the scanned version of the results. I was worried about the results because I set the ASA wrong.

So here I am, finally I got the result. All of the pictures are broken. Yasmin was right when she commented my last post, she said that the film might not work well too, because it’s been long time inside the camera. She’s absolutely right. I checked the film *before I saw the CD*, there are some blank films. I didn’t know why there were no picture on it, but it’s just blank.

And when I saw the scanned version, my heart immediately broke at that time. All of them are ruined. There were only 17 pictures, and only 4 that still can be seen clearly. Most of them are too dark *which are weird because those should be overexposed* to be seen.

I am broken hearted… but next week I will try again with black/white film and NEW one. I’m gonna make sure of that *also the ASA setting would be right*.

So, here are some pictures I’ve taken. You may or may not comment about the quality *but I guess you won’t because it’s ruined afterall*, I just want to show you, ok.. give me some sympathy here.

I edited the picture above *the one which had butterfly in it* in CS3, because you wouldn’t see anything in the original picture, so I turned it into black and white.


2 thoughts on “Broken Heart

  1. I kinda like the second picture. My friend once told me about the one-third rule, it’s about placing the object at the one-third area of the frame. He said that it would make the pic seemed more dynamic. Haha. Maybe if u placed the object a bit to the right and a bit lower, it would be (quoting my friend) more dynamic.
    I don’t really know, anyway. Hehehe. I am not really good at photography 😛

    Btw, don’t worry. A photographer once told me that sometimes even a pro needs to spend 2-3 rolls of film to get only 1 good picture.

    1. Actually I had about 3-4 shots of the second picture.. and yeah I had one like you suggested to me. Unfortunately, I lost that one, I mean, there’s even no film with that image printed on it :sigh: I tried to take the picture of that butterfly from different position, first was when I placed it on right side, and the other was on left side. All lost.

      My friend said, he had the same experience with me. There are several pictures of him, that he was so sure he took that picture, but there was no imprint on the film.

      Anyhow, thanks for encouraging me.. all I need is a lot of positive energy :giggle:

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