Learn From Mistakes

I think I’ve told you that finally I can use my father’s film camera after had the lense cleaned. Before I put the action in real, I asked a lot about how to use slr camera to some of my friends whom are more expert than me. I also learn some basic technique in photography, about composition, framing, rule of third, etc.

Then.. I was ready to put some action. I was ready to learn taking picture using slr camera. I was so excited yet nervous of making silly mistakes. You know, because it’s a film camera, which I won’t know the result of my shoot before I process the film. Nevertheless, I kept moving on.

I remembered that after taking a few shots, I looked at the ASA setting and then realized that the setting was wrong. At that time, I thought the film ASA was 400, so when I saw it was being set to 200, I changed it immediately. I was so sure that my first pictures would be underexposed. I kept taking pictures until all negatives of the film are used up. I opened the camera *and because of my stupidity, there would be some burned pictures -sigh-* and shocked!

The ASA of the film was 200! The first setting was right, damn it!! So all of my pictures now will be overexposed 😥 I was very shocked, stunned at the moment. What the heck?! I know some of you would ask, “You must know the film’s ASA when you buy it!” Yes, that’s true if I bought the film by myself. The fact is, I didn’t buy the film and that film has been inside the camera for about a year. So I had no idea what’s the ASA of the film would be. I just remembered that usually my father would buy the 400-ASA for colour film, that’s what made me think it was 400-ASA.

Stupid me :doh:

After I found out my mistakes, I hesitated to continue processing the film. I mean, heck I know that my pictures would be ruined, all of them! Overexposed, for God sake! No good at all, and I’ll just waste my money to scan bad pictures.

Then I remember one thing. It’s my first time learning how to use slr camera. At least, this time I know where I went wrong. And from my pictures, I hope I can find out what’s my weak point and my strong point. I have to learn from mistakes that I’ve made and don’t do it again.

There are so many times in my life that I have to learn from my mistakes without anyone telling me how to fix those mistakes. If I can learn from my other mistakes, why not this one? I am still optimistic about this one *the experience, the learning part.. not the result part :D*, so I won’t surrender and I won’t stop.

Like Shakira said in her world cup theme song : If you fall, get up!


2 thoughts on “Learn From Mistakes

  1. humm.. i think there is actually a technique where the ASA setting in the camera is intentionally set lower/higher than the film. So, don’t worry, it might not affect the pictures too much. 😀

    However, it had been there for ONE YEAR, hahahaha. Even if you set the ASA correctly, i still doubt the film’s quality. Wakakakakak.

    Show us the picturesss!!!

    1. yes, but in film camera, I guess I should set the ASA the same as the film ASA that I use. Not like in DSLR camera, where we can set the ASA based on the condition where we shoot.

      And I’ve the result of my shots.. all ruined 😆 I will try again next week, this time with the right ASA setting and NEW film 😆

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