These Days

reading novels (I pretty like the romantic-suspence novels, but I can not ever understand about the psycho killer*

chatting in photography forum *although most of the chat are not about phorography itself*

listening to canadian radio *they play good songs, less talk, more music, also no transvestite-like broadcaster -no offense guys-*

listened to BBC and felt pretty sorry to hear what’s happening to youth generation in Kenya.

Reading some stories written by friends and finally I decided to try to write a fiction again. It’s little start, but I hope it won’t end up like about 7 or more stories that I have deleted from my file *and my recycle bin, also*.

Reading more about photography technique, and taught by some of my friends. Thanks to them 😀

Get my father’s old SLR camera *yeah, the film camera one*, and after the lense got cleaned, I tried to shoot some objects. Funny thing was, when I tried the first time, I forgot to adjust the ASA setting *so the pictures will be underexposed*, but then I realized and changed the setting immediately.

Feeling bored because I have nothing to do *Ok, I have a lot of things that I can do, but I don’t really like to do it*. Then, my friend asked me to help my lecturer’s project, and finally I have something to do that I really like.

It’s only been a month since my graduation, and I am so bored doing nothing except stay at home. I guess I’m not the “home” or “domestical” person.

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