Birthday’s Reflection


Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, here are some best things that happened through my 21st are …

1. Being Protocoler’s GM at October’s graduation,

2. Graduate at 24th February 2009 *though the graduation ceremony will be held at April*

3. Had so many experiences that made me knows about friendship and maturity. Thanks to all my friends for encouraging me to the maturity zone, though I think I prefer childish zone *it’s nice to become kids anyway*

4. Fell in love, became a fool, broken hearted, but I could stand up again, just like usual. I would never be the same, but I think I know what I really want from a relationship now, if I have one :p

5. Watched so many movies and TV series, credit to Hasymy Arif, Muhammad Rudi Hariyanto, leecher, vepoyoke, and all uploader at Rileks *the best community to share* for providing me those good movies *before sidang mostly :p*.

6. Found out that I’m not capable enough to be in journalism world. I still don’t know what field is I’m going to focus on, but I’ve ruled out journalism. I hope later I will find out where should I be, what should I do.

7. Found new hobby, photography *not really a new hobby, but I want to make this hobby more serious, I want to improve my technique…ceileh!*

8. Still had some depress but could manage it better than the last time I had it

9. Ate very good lasagna and pizza at Resep Moyang restaurant with my friends

10. Bought some good harlequin-silhouette novels in their origin language :p

11. Finished my final assignment, finally. I thought I just wanted to give up at last minute, but thanks to Danz, Aniek, Mia, and Riesa who encouraged me not to give up and made me moving on

12. Read some good books from metro pop to fantasy. Thanks to Danilah Nur Muslim, Aniek Widayanti, and Mia Amalia for lending me those great books!


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